Sunday, September 25, 2016

Reaching out Organically to Share Our faith using the Gifts He gives us

Praying and intercession are two parts put together if you intercede behind the "scenes" of someone's life. This is true intercession and not just praying in tongues.
An example of gifted people within the Church is when someone who knows this "Jesus" shares his or her faith, it is called evangelism.
When someone addresses a problem and we respond with "Can I pray for you?" and we spend a long period of time behind the scenes praying, that is true intercession by bringing their request to the Lord of hosts. Amen?

Lord Jesus I pray that ALL of us whether great or small, young or old, would be equipped in your grace and power only, to share our faith (maybe for the first time) with unbelievers and believers alike. God give us your supernatural ability to bring down strongholds of the enemy and denounce the powers of this dark world that is being corrupted by the enemy. We thank you so very much that death and the grave were defeated on the Cross when you sent your only Son to pay the penalty for our sins. Forgive us (even if ask for the first time) for our sins and wash us clean both body and soul. We give you this time and the glory in Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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