Thursday, September 15, 2016

Blame Does Not Come with a Nametag: How to avoid blaming others when it's not really their fault

Someone was one day having coffee with her friend, when she realized she was having a headache from her friend's perfume. She told her she was allergic to the scent but her friend told her she was not wearing the perfume.
Does that sound familiar? Do you ever blame others for your problems?

This video I pray will give you a clue.

I do it too! Maybe it's time we stopped unfairly blaming others for something they did not do when the reality is it's us!

Sometimes, though, it's necessary to accept the blame for ourselves and not others.

Lord Jesus we thank you that we can come before you and ask for forgiveness from our Father through you. Thank you that even though we do things that sound like someone else did them, you convict us through your Holy Spirit and tell us right from wrong. Help us to less blame others and make up for mistakes that are our own. We thank you Lord God in advance for what you are able to do and speak into our lives. We praise you Jesus. Thy will be done. In Jesus name, amen.


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