Monday, November 21, 2016

Baptizing Someone is NOT salvation: coming to the Cross to receiveChrist is!

Being a new creature in Christ can mean a lot!
Recently, I received Christ as my Lord and Savior by coming to the Cross and confessing my sins. 
Reality check: this happened on August 19, 2016 @ 11:30am! 
Reality check again: going up to an altar at age eight and accepting Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and saying you are a Christian when you are constantly obsessing about doctors and teachers, is not being the Real Christian! 
Get real? Yes! 

Take a look at this devotional that I did this morning:
1. I am just starting in the process of regeneration. God is continuing to work on me in the area of true growth in my walk with him. 
2. Fear that my mother and brother and my family will turn their backs on me is what is keeping me from believing that God can restore in me the parts that are dead and broken.
3. The something more that God is calling me to is publicly sharing my faith especially with my family. 

Genesis 2:7 NIV
[7] Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.
John 8:3-11 NIV
[3] The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group [4] and said to Jesus, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. [5] In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?” [6] They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him. But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. [7] When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” [8] Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground. [9] At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there. [10] Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” [11] “No one, sir,” she said. “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”
Romans 6:3-4 NIV
[3] Or don't you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? [4] We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.
2 Corinthians 3:18 NIV
[18] And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

Lord Jesus I thank you for these people who read my posts. I ask that you would bless each one and prepare them for eternity with you! In your name amen. 

If you pray to receive Jesus and have come to the Cross, you will be saved! 
If you don't, you will experience permanent separation from him: that is Hell! And you don't want to fall under his crashing judgment! 
So how will you live your life? The choice is up to you: reject or receive!

Praying for all of you! 

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