Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Sinful Attitude Versus A Righteous Life: How to Let go of Anger and Resentment

Lots of people know what I mean when I say "sin" or "sins." Most people don't.

Those of you who are in Christ Jesus know what I am talking about. Below, is an answer to a question that I have to share with you: 

A person knows this because they do not feel the Lord's presence in the midst of what they are facing because of their sin. Dark areas that are hindering my life are: 1. Saying mean comments through text messages when the other party did not mean what they said, and 2. butting into other people's business when it is not my turn to speak. Yes, I will confess and also offer these areas up to Jesus in repentance so I can be clean before Him. 

This answer has to deal with sin. 

Sin is extremely offensive to God and God alone! The bible says that against God and only God have we sinned and done what is evil in his sight, so he is right in his verdict and justified when he judges. 

It starts with telling our Big Daddy God: "I'm dirty, daddy. I need a bath." Let Him cleanse you from head to toe. Be prepared to squirm though when he reminds you to wash behind your ears like a little toddler. 

So what do you have in your life that is sinful? I would absolutely love to pray for you! 

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