Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Waiting on God in the most Raw, raw seasons in our lives: Let's talk.

Many of us know when our seasons come to an end. But as for me, I did not know this was about to happen!
It was Sunday, October 16, 2016 when I was, believe it or not, RIPPED from the children's ministry at my church. I had no idea of this taking place.
But God did!
Anyway, after I was finished ushering during the first and second service, I went to serve in the children's ministry for the third. Something went wrong.
As soon as I got to the nursery, Pastor Kevin's assistant came in poking her head in and asked me if I was finished serving third service. I told her no because that is why I was in the nursery. She asked me if I served in ushering during the first and second service and my answer was yes. She told me, "Then you can't be in here. You need to go the third service." I argued with her for about 20-30 seconds and to my surprise: she won! So I bid my supervisor a hug goodbye and followed her to the Worship Center where Pastor Kevin was. She walks up to him and tells him in his ear that I have arrived. He gently nods his head saying okay and thank you and lovingly smiles at me out of the corner of his eye.
I was miserable. I was torn in two. No young female or male of my age in ministry could possibly understand what I was facing.
It was as though Pastor Kevin was jealous for me in a lovable sense and pursued me fully. Yes, I know it hurt, but Jesus is with me all the way home. And even though I kicked and screamed, he won.
Before that, there was a fight about me working in the children's ministry. It was as if Pastor Kevin was telling Pastor Roy, "Excuse me! She is mine. You had your fun with her, now let me have her!" Wow! Jealousy runs ramped in the family of Shoreline for Tatiana!

You know, sometimes God pulls us out of seasons for a reason. If you are struggling with this or a related issue, I invite you to pray this short prayer:

Lord Jesus I thank you for your great love in pursuit even when I try to run from you completely. I am sorry that I kicked and fought you in the midst of transitioning to another season the way you want me to! I know you love me greatly, more then I could even fathom! You are the Rock of my salvation. Please help me understand why we as your holy and true people need to leave seasons that we love. Help me to be strong with your Strength alone in order to accept the circumstance and move on! Thank you Lord for what you are about to do in my life. Praise you Jesus! In your name, amen.

If you already prayed that prayer, congratulations! Jesus loves you so much! And honestly, I do too!


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