Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Strategic Parenting Reality: Can you make a Difference in your child's future?

Reality discipline for children under the age of three? Really? But you know, it’s easier said then done when it comes to disciplining your children no matter the age group. 

If you look at it through God’s eyes, you will get a better understanding of what I am trying to communicate to you. 

I work with children mainly under the age of 4. Normally, I am typing up my blog posts during the third service, but God has told me my time is UP! Now I will continue to serve in that ministry. 

However, God is our Parent and when He asks us to stay he wants us to STAY in a place of service. Disobedience to God is like disobeying your actual parents. Well, God is your parent to contrast the point here! 

All throughout the bible, he calls himself our Father and reveals himself to us as his children. We all need reassurance from our Father in Heaven as we try to be the best parents we can be: here on earth.

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