Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Forgiveness is not a fruit but a Priority: Need it or know someone that does? Let's talk.

Imagine if someone hurt you.
Really BAD! You cannot forgive them for what they said or did to you? 

Now, picture Jesus hanging on a cross for your sins. And now you can't forgive this person that wronged you in any way?

For me, I am learning to rebuild trust because that is where it all starts. And maybe, for you, trust might have been broken or worse ruined.

You: But, there's nothing like what they did to me or said to me. God, you still don't understand! They harmed me in the worst manner! I can't what: FORGIVE THEM!

But for most of us, when trust and relationships are torn apart, it is best you acknowledge your sin or sins before God Almighty and ask Him for forgiveness. In fact, the moment you ask God for help, that is when he reminds you of your sins so that you CAN be forgiven.

Take the next step in forgiveness towards ANYONE who wrongs you in any way, shape or form. It will change you life!

I love you all! Take care!


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