Friday, November 10, 2017

God can forgive our sins, not our lame excuses

God can forgive sins, not forgive our excuses.
That saying is true, but sometimes, we make up excuses for our sins instead of calling sin, sin itself!
Maybe we need to fully confess our sins when we are confronted by our Holy Spirit or someone he sends like David.

In this story, David commits adultery and kills the wife's husband before taking the wife, who is pregnant by him, as his own bride. How cruel is that?

In the next chapter, David first denies being the man who committed these sins in secret. But, when Nathan the prophet tells him that he IS the man in the story, David finally confesses his sins to the Lord. However at the set time, the son born to him finally dies of an unknown illness.

We can't hide our sins or call them what they are not. Like we can't say things like, "It's just processing, not gossiping!" or "It's a little white lie and it's no big deal." When we gossip about what a person did instead of going directly to that person, we harm not only ourselves, we harm the person who hurt us.

Quiet frankly, sin is sin, no matter what you call it. We need to confess our sins when confronted by either someone through the Holy Spirit, or the Holy Spirit himself. Then we need to apologize to the Lord and ask for forgiveness. Once that is cleared, we need to go directly to the person who we either hurt or who hurt us, and either confront them: Matthew 18:15-19, or apologize after confession and ask for forgiveness.

I hope you learned a lesson in today's message. See you next time.


Key passages: 2 Samuel 11:1-27, 2 Samuel 12:1-25, Psalm 103:8-18, Romans 3:21-24

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