Friday, March 24, 2017

Idols and More: How to Avoid thinking Extra high of a person

Don't worship other gods is what we hear recorded in Leviticus! Over and over again we hear that God is the God of do overs. How is this true?
It's an example that we see throughout scripture. Now, I am not going to go in the details but I will SAFELY tell you what: thinking highly of someone or something is putting them ABOVE God the Almighty Creator of all things and people. 
The Lord gets jealous when we do this even though he is slow to get angry and is abounding in love and faithfulness. 
When you start to think highly of someone (a lot) and putting them above Christ, remember the book of Leviticus is FULL of wonderful words of the various laws the Lord put out for the Israelites and still for you and me today! 


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