Thursday, March 2, 2017

Breaking Our Hearts? Why not Let God make us New Ones!

Sometimes I feel that someone like a man or woman cause us harm like breaking our hearts.
It's true that most of us experience heartbreak after heartbreak. But do you know Who will never break your heart unless it is to make it: Jesus! 
He breaks us to make us the bible says. 
I, once again, have been through relationship after relationship and had my heart broken so many times I just don't cry about it anymore! 
Why you may ask? 
Because I found my Man and he found me: his Name means Comforter and Friend: Jesus Christ. 
Yes, Jesus the Messiah who bled and died for my sins and yours LOVES you so much that no matter what you have been through with a man or woman whether rape or incest with family, he LONGS to hold you CLOSE and be more intimate with you than your heart has the strength or power to imagine! 
Imagine that! The God of the universe came down in flesh to be like us and dwell among us! 
Now, he wants to be close up and personally DEEP with you in love and assurance! Man tell me about love! 
I pray that this post encourages you to be more and more intimate and deeply personal with Jesus! 


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