Thursday, July 28, 2016

Overdoing it versus Overstuffing ourselves with the Truth from God's word

Proverbs 17:3 NLT
Fire tests the purity of silver and gold; but the Lord tests the heart.

This saying is true, however, we can take it for granted that the Lord does test the heart. It's like candy. We can eat it all day and not exercise and be overweight, or obese. Or we can eat the candy do stomach exercises and not gain weight. We have a choice. We can test ourselves and become healthy citizens of heaven. Or we can eat all the food we want and become over the doctor's limit.

Here's my point: My point is that if we live our lives like there is no tomorrow and continue to sabotage our lives in the Spirit. Or, we can open up the pages of God's word and if we don't understand something we can ask him through his written word.

This link, reminds me of how much death has lost its sting. Listen carefully to the song and you will know what I am talking about.

Psalm 39:11 NLT
When you discipline us for our sins, you consume like a moth what is precious to us. Each of us is but a breath. Interlude.

So, my advice for myself and for you would be to self-control both eating and saying habits and everything else will fall into place. Amen?

Lord Jesus, we thank you that we can come to you for our struggles and that you will meet us in our hour of need. Lord God we ask that as we travel with you in this life, that you will equip us to do good according to your will. Lord, help us to be fully God sufficient in your Power that we can only get from you. We thank you Lord Jesus for what you are about to do in our lives and Lord we pray that you would help us in your will and power to change the world by sharing your word with others. Thank you Lord. We praise you and in Jesus name we ask all these things. Amen.


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