Friday, February 17, 2017

Blame Game? Don't blame others but be honest with yourself

Don’t blame the other person! You’ve heard it said before. 

But, you know what I learned? I learned that in most conflicts, I have two paths I can travel. I can: 1. Choose the path of pride which by the way happens to blame the other person for something that they might not have done, or 2. I can be honest and fully admit where I went wrong and apologize asking God for forgiveness. can help you out with apologizing when you have done something wrong versus blaming the other party. 

The “blame game” is common is all areas of our lives but it needs to quit! We can work together by looking at and studying the passages I will mention below. 

Praying for more honesty and less blame is my idea here. Let’s Do It!


Key passages: 1 Timothy 5:7, Romans 9:19, Genesis 43:9, Genesis 44:10, Proverbs 28:10

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