Monday, August 29, 2016

Cultivating Growth and development in your faith and mine

Remember when I said I would talk about weeding out the bad in our lives and cultivating the good? My turn to talk this time. Here we go.
Weeding. Seems easy right? I mean come on! We can carry out the bad stuff; it's just that simple right? 
Reality check: it is not easy!

Let me begin with two Friday's ago when I truly came to the Cross and accepted God's gift of Salvation through his Son Jesus and received him as Lord and Savior into my life! Changes has been made and it is obvious to anyone who does not know Him as such!

My thinking has changed, my attitude has completely changed and finally, I have the full mindset of Christ. 

Who knew that religion could be such fun? Actually no it's not religion. 
This time it's FAITH! I mean it this time! I am not lying to anyone!

Coming forward at age eight at a baptist church isn't enough because I never fully surrendered my complete life to Christ!

Now you get it? So let's talk cultivating versus weeding. 
To cultivate a plant means to prune the plant meaning you clean it first then you take it and move it away to make room for more growth. As a result of the growth, you learn more in the process. This is called getting things together and pruning our garden(s). To prune means to clean. Cleaning is great, but it takes time. 
Now for the weeding. 
Here is the hard part: weeding out the bad! 
Okay. I will admit that weeding out the bad is tough! 
Here is what I mean: when we weed, we are getting rid of (completely) our bad thoughts, attitudes and actions. We need God to get rid of the bad ideas and reactions as well. This is hard but TOUGH LOVE! This is life!

I hope you can grow in your faith in the Lord. 

Blessings and peace!

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